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paranoia? by ku5ku5 paranoia? :iconku5ku5:ku5ku5 2 6 My Apple A Day by MissMotley My Apple A Day :iconmissmotley:MissMotley 1 4
deviantART's Flash Preloader
There's a deviantART Preloader?
Yes! It was created by ArtBIT and was the winning entry for a deviantART competition.
The preloader was designed especially for Flash users of deviantART and not only preloads their animations and games but also shows their pride in dA. But that's not all, Oh no!
The preloader was ingeniously made so that implementation couldn't be easier and consists of simply copying and pasting the preloader from the source .fla file to your .fla file.
Within the downloadable .zip file you will find Flash MX2004, Flash 8 (AS2) and Flash CS3 (AS3) compatible files.

Is there anything else?
Well it's funny you should ask that because actually there is. If you'd like to help spread the word about thios fantastic time saving little utility then please either :+favlove: this article, make a journal about it, display one of the stamps below, :+fav: the pre
:iconage2003:Age2003 78 31
Phreakin' dA
Not Freaking-A! Back in the day when I was a teenager, a curious-looking VW Minivan pulled into our driveway, and out came a scruffy hippie dude. He was John Draper, who had gone by the handle, Cap'n Crunch. He was the guy who discovered that the toy whistle that came in the box of Cap'n Crunch cereal happened to sound at the frequency of 2600 Hz. This frequency was the same as a signal used by U.S. telephone companies to trigger long-distance phone calls. By blowing the whistle into a phone, Draper found that he could place long-distance phone calls for free! Well, he went to the slammer for that, but he was the grandfather of a subcommunity of so-called Phone Freaks or Phreaks, as they were called, who explored the intricacies of the telephone systems. Some of them were the first hackers, but others simply want to understand how things worked. But I digress.
You might wonder about some of the underworkings of deviantART, too. While hacking dA is not cool, underst
:icondarkmatterzone:darkmatterzone 166 103
There's A Party Going On!!
Happy 7th Birthday deviantART
:bulletgreen:Time has come to celebrate deviantART's 7th Birthday. Join us on August 7th 2007 for a great celebration.
:thumbsup:Artist Relations brings to you some great contests based on the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues.
:bulletred: Also make sure to join in on dAmn to win a few prizes here and there. The deviantWEAR store will be restocked and 3 new designs will be launched on the birthday, So guys you better be around the whole day and keep your eyes open for all the fun events and happenings make sure to follow me around, I might have some extras for you as well.
:bulletred:Below you find the 7th dA Birthday Community Projects Contest, check it out and give it a go ! Let's party !
(^hellfirediva wrote most of the intro, I stole it)
:cake: HAPPY 7th Birthday deviantART :cake:
In celebrating deviantART's 7th birthday on the 7th of August 2007, the Community Projects Gallery is offering the following contest to all
:iconshell4art:shell4art 55 15
Happy 7th Birthday deviantART
 Special Chatrooms







More Fun





Intro/Community Development
Welcome to the amazingly astonishing 7th year Birthday of the fantastically fabulous site known as deviantART! 7 years old on August 7th of 2007! How lucky is that.
We have dozens of events and contests all day long and the bulk of them themed around the number 7! Loads of prizes to win, tons of time to hop on dAmn and meet some new people as well!
So, read on and see what is going down this August 7th and say Happy Birthd
:iconlolly:lolly 2,461 5,000
Announcing Code Is Art
Whilst DeviantART does contain many users who are programmers, there is no official code gallery. Submitting code as art has thus been stunted, and this group has been setup to encourage users to think more about code as art, to submit programming art pieces, and to help DeviantART officially recognise code as art.
CodeIsArt recognises that code can be art, although doesn't have to be all the time, just as much as asking for a cup of sugar, isn't poetry.
This is a serious effort to help programmers share their knowledge that programming can be an art form, one that requires meticulous attention to detail and creative flair. There is a massive programmer community here, who keep a hidden talent locked away because deviantART does not provide an appropriate arena for them to air their art, and get suitable recognition & critique.
:bulletblue: What can you do?
:coffeecup: Create art! If you're a programmer, and have never considered submitting any programming related ar
:iconcodeisart:CodeIsArt 29 103
Kask ja taevas. by Taimii Kask ja taevas. :icontaimii:Taimii 6 7
An Interview with Adam Phillips
I was sat at my desk one night a few months back not really aware of what was going on at the time. I was just staring at the #Flashers chatroom watching everyone talk about animation and that's when I had a thought… Wouldn't it be cool to have an interview with Adam Phillips?
So here it is with an added bonus, exclusive images from Adam's next Brackenwood animation, Waterlollies.
I'd like to thank Adam for taking the time in the middle of his busy schedule to answers these questions. It's greatly appreciated. :)
Age: You're a very influential animator amongst not only people in Flash communities and websites but also the wider world of animation. So I wondering, Where does Adam Phillips get his inspiration from?  
Adam: Nowadays my inspiration comes from a whole bunch of different places, from stories, music, paintings, movies and my own dreams. Usually before I go to bed at night (mostly between 3-5am) I take half an hour look at the sky, the s
:iconage2003:Age2003 108 47
Art Outlet's Flash Film Festival Contest - FLIK
Hey everyone!
The super-awesome mindfuckx bought my attention to this Flash competition earlier today and we really think it would be a great opportunity for some users to get their Flash animation noticed more and maybe win something too. :D
"Art Outlet is proud to host DC's first international movie festival dedicated exclusively to Flash. This event will feature notable artists such as ODD TODD, Vidlits as well as a wide range of others from around the globe. If you are a Flash moviemaker, be a part of this exciting event and submit your work today...
*There will be a $250 prize to one participant based upon originality, storytelling and use of medium.* "

The period of submission started on April 1st and end's on May 11th 2007 so you haven't got long now to get your entries in but apparently you don't have to create anything brand new for the competit
:iconage2003:Age2003 10 6
Official Flash Preloader Competition Winners
I knew we have a pretty strong Flash community here on deviantART, obviously not as big as some more Flash specific websites but this competition has made me more proud of you guys and girls than before.
I’m very happy with the overall quality of the entries for this competition and that in itself made judging very difficult.
Special Thanks & Results
I'd like to say a big thank you to the members of the Creative team, the Helpdesk crew, the IT gang, my wonderful Artist Relations team and of course the Core staff for taking the time to help me judge the entries.
So without further ado I give you the results.
Our third place winner is psykopath with his "DA Fella Preloader".
What I personally liked about this entry was the originality compared to the rest of the entries. The graphics are very smooth and yet crisp. Not only does it work very well but it looks good with the rest of deviantART’s theme.

Our second place winner is :d
:iconage2003:Age2003 42 49
deviantWEAR Series SEVEN is HERE!
deviantWEAR Series SEVEN is HERE!

UPDATE: All Series 7 deviantWEAR items are in and RESTOCKED!

Thank you to everyone who ordered Series 7 products in the last 2 weeks. We didn't think we'd have to restock so soon!

If you weren't able to find your size, head to the store and check again, everything is in.

Now fully integrated in to the deviantART Shop, deviantWEAR is back in action and lookin' better than ever! With the new changes you can easily keep up with all the latest deviantWEAR products while you're browsing for deviantART Prints!

“ 5 new deviantART shirt designs, 3 hats,
knapsacks, lanyards and patches! ”

devWEAR - No
:icondeviantwear:deviantWEAR 334 534
Restructuring, coming to a Flash Gallery near you
Good news Flashers! I've been given the word that the Flash Gallery is going under some development in the way of the new structuring that I and a few other people have contributed to.
Obviously this could go on for a quite some time as there are a lot of deviations to shift and a fair few categories to create. Sadly these things take time. Once it's all finished though I'll be posting an article and a journal informing people with information on the new structure - kind of like an introduction if you will.
I'll also be asking people to go through their galleries and move any deviations that aren't in the proper categories with a full run down of what goes where.
If I get anymore updates I'll inform you about them in the Artist Relations Newsletter and if you've got any questions about the restructuring feel free to ask the helpdesk.
I ask that you all be patient with the Flash Ga
:iconage2003:Age2003 26 26
#MusiCookie - Music on dAmn


What is #MusiCookie?
#MusiCookie is a newly formed channel concerning music. In this club you'll be able to do a ton of things related to music. From just simple chit-chat about who's your favourite composer/singer/band, to discussing about whether or not musique concrete is actually music. In this channel you will be able to ask help about a score you need for your exams next week, share your experience with a particular genre of music, share tips concerning performance, composition or song-writing, and learn all about other people's musical interests, and enrich your own musical vocabulary.
deviantART's multicultural population gives all of us the great opportunity to communicate directly with people from completely different countries and cultural backgrounds. Music plays an important role on one's life, and it highl
:iconjujimufu:jujimufu 40 35
Official Flash Preloader Competition
An official Flash competition based on scripting has been long overdue on deviantART but fear not Flashers because we’ve got one! Although this doesn’t involve the most complex of actionscript coding known to man it is a vitally important one.
Your task this time around is to design and create the Official Flash Preloader for that will be hosted on the website and could potentially be used by many thousands of Flash creators on and off deviantART.
Obviously for the preloader to be displayed for a decent amount of time there has to be something to load however this won't be possible with the small file size of the .swf file. Instead, after creating a working preloader create an animation/simulation of your preloader working such as a simple tween to emulate how your preloader would look if it were loading for say 5 seconds (24fps).
Click here to see and here to
:iconage2003:Age2003 71 62
Photoshop CS3 To Come In TWO Editions
So you've tried the Beta version of Photoshop CS3, you like it's features, and you were told that CS3 will be available to the public in Spring of 2007.
Here's something else to think about:  Photoshop CS3 will be released in TWO Editions:  The regular CS3, and CS3 Extended (Extended will have more features than the regular version of CS3)
See for more information
:iconflashkid105:FlashKid105 2 4



Sam Coles
United States
Current Residence: Wisconsin
Favourite genre of music: Goa/Psytrance, DnB, Trip Hop
Operating System: XP SP2
Shell of choice: BBLeanZ
Favourite cartoon character: Brainy Smurf
  • Listening to: Digitalism - [Idealism #07] Pogo - [3:46]
  • Reading: Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Matinence
  • Watching: Gay Niggers From Outer Space
  • Playing: Halo 3
  • Eating: Snyder's "Old Fashioned" Dipping Sticks
  • Drinking: 12oz Diet Coke
Having discussed this with several of my closest associates and chief advisers I have come up with a theory.

Ninjas do, in fact, have theme music.  The reason it is unreported is that no one has heard a particular ninja's theme music and lived.

Discuss said theory in detail.

There needs to be an incredulous mood damnit!


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